Everything in your life, in this community, and in this world has been impacted by leaderships – good, bad, or ugly.  Everything rises and falls with leadership.


If leadership has that significant of an impact, then why not start to invest in leadership from the minute someone is born all the way through their entire life? 


That is what WANTOK will do.  We will train and develop wholelife leaders where they are and in the spaces they occupy so they in turn can leave a legacy of positive impact in their own lives, their families, their communities, and their world.


The need is critical, the need is great, and the need is now. 

Group Bonding
What is

The word WANTOK comes from the Tok Pisin language in the South Pacific.  It means, “one language”.  WANTOK reflects the positive impact of a true leader – one who lays asides differences and rights to connect with others to see them reach their full potential.

Kids in the Garden

Committed to be a world premier whole-life leadership development organization dedicated to connecting with everyday people where they are; so, they can leave a legacy of lasting positive impact in their spaces and beyond.

Kids Running

Execute sustainable, intentional, and innovative programs, through strategic partnerships, that connects with heartfelt needs of everyday people in their context and challenges them to become the leader they were created to be.